A New Kind Of Data Warehousing Will Emerge in 2011 According To Gartner

An article in eWeek.com summarizes the latest data warehousing report from Gartner entitled “The State of Data Warehousing in 2011.” In the report, Gartner predicts a turning point in the evolution of the data warehousing market this year.

The concept of the ideal data warehouse is changing. Data loading into data warehouses is fast becoming a continual process and warehouses must increasingly support new and extreme types of information asset formats. At the same time, the focus of business intelligence and data analytics is shifting, as organizations place business intelligence and data analytics tools into the hands of end users. In response, the focus of the data warehousing market is changing from one of storage and access to one of delivery and comprehension.

A new information management environment is emerging as distributed processing is adopted and data warehousing platforms add support for data analytics and corporate performance management to their traditional information storage capabilities. Gartner sees this new information management environment managed by a central engine, but does not yet know if companies will adopt a single platform or will create the environment with best-of-breed components. 2011 will most likely be the year during which traditional database management system vendors, data integration vendors and data warehouse vendors challenge each other for the lead role in the new information management environment.

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Steve McDonnell
Spotfire Blogging Team