Update on DMN – a standard for Decision Modelling

DMN standard coverage (draft)
DMN standard coverage (draft)

The OMG modelling standards group is creeping closer to releasing the Request For Proposals for DMN – the Decision Modelling standard. Decision-making of course is one of the primary goals of doing CEP – given an event pattern, what do I do about it? – so DMN is very much relevant to the CEP community. Recent newsworthy developments are:

  • Following OMG Architecure Board comments to the effect that “surely you can do decision modelling in current UML Activity Diagrams etc”, the RFP team (TIBCO, IBM, K.U Leuven) have been working on clarifying the original RFP (which targeted Decision Modelling and Decision Management specialists) into a document suitable for a wider audience, better defined scope, and so on. We are working to get this for review and issuance at the March OMG meeting in Washington DC. The diagram to the right shows how the RFP is expecting the standard to look and how it should fit with some of the other modelling standards; of course there are plenty of other considerations too.
  • The Decision Modelling Information Day is taking shape for Weds March 23rd 2011 in Washington DC, the day before the proposed virtual EPTS Symposium at the same hotel. This is targetting end-users of decision modelling and management tools, as well as tool vendors and consultants. The basic format is decision modelling approaches and use cases in the morning (including Jan Van Thienen on Decision Tables and KPI on their Decision Model approach) and associated decision tool implementations in the afternoon (including decision management and BRMS tool vendors). Indeed we want as many vendors as possible to present their approach – which as far as I know will be the first time this has been attempted! Could be interesting…

More updates to follow.