Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Helps Trinity Pharmaceutical Solutions

pharmaInc. Technology recently featured an interview about Trinity Pharma Solutions’ use of business intelligence software – specifically, business intelligence software from TIBCO Spotfire.  The interview, between Glenn Wong, director of operations for Trinity Pharma, and Elizabeth Wasserman of Inc. Technology can be read here

Trinity Pharma, based in Waltham, MA, helps pharmaceutical companies create, deploy and manage data management solutions – including business intelligence solutions.  According to Wong, Trinity Pharma found “it was able to help its customers solve business challenges by better analyzing data.”

The company uses TIBCO Spotfire to analyze information “better, faster, easier and with more richness.”

In particular, TIBCO Spotfire helps Trinity to analyze the segmentation data vital to the pharmaceutical industry.  Business Intelligence (BI) provides the tools to see and react to patterns, assess market issues, and more.

Wong sums up his experience with TIBCO Spotfire with a client anecdote.  Business intelligence provided the answer to a question in “10 minutes” – the client had been asking the same question internally for “2 months.”

That’s the power of business intelligence software.

Kelley Kassa
Spotfire Blogging Team