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The enterprise collaboration platform with 360-degree view of people, discussions, tasks, and content via mobile, web and apps.

Far more than just a linear stream of messages, tibbr is the workspace for an evolving workforce. It connects content, context, and collective intelligence to all your channels so work happens faster — from anywhere. No wonder over six million people in more than 100 countries use tibbr every day.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM


TIBCO的ActiveMatrix BPM被列為當今最好的一個業務流程管理平台之一,它通過在正確的時間以適當的方式向適當的人員提供正確的數據,為客戶提供寶貴的業務洞察和行動。這種能力使公司能夠通過做出更好的決策和更快,更明智的行動來推動數位化轉型。我們提供的解決方案可以真真正正改變您的業務,而不僅僅是自動化。

-BMO金融集團首席設計師 Lawrence Wan

TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps


數字化企業比以往任何時候都更需要加速尋找新的機會並抓住機遇。TIBCO Cloud™Live Apps是一個低代碼應用程序平台,使參與的開發人員能夠在幾分鐘內構建完整功能和智能應用程序。

TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus®

Nobody knows your business better than you.

For your business to grow and transform, you need the ability to communicate clearly how to get things done… right. The best way to do this is through mapping your business processes and operations. This doesn’t apply to just big corporations with enormous consulting budgets; it is true for companies of all shapes and sizes. TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus® makes it easy enough that you can do it yourself.

TIBCO Nimbus™

Quality process diagrams simplify communication and improve how your business runs.

We’ve made it so—without any special technical notation, application development, or other IT staff involvement—you can document and diagram full end-to-end processes that support every member of your organization. That means you can design, and expect to truly deliver, finely tuned services to delight customers and strongly compete.

TIBCO® Reward

Turning Customers into Fans™

Leveraging best-in-class TIBCO products, TIBCO® Reward integrates all marketing point solutions and tackles the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of customer data in an easy-to-use SaaS loyalty management platform.

Marketers can finally gain a holistic view of the customer and communicate consistently across channels—without reliance on IT.