PLM and Agile Integration

2 experts discuss the challenges of deploying a Product Lifecycle Management-PLM project

Product Lifecycle Management-PLM encompasses the entire lifecycle management of a product, from the establishment of specifications through its design and development, maintenance until withdrawal from the market. PLM tools are very complementary to ERP. They are usually focused on product design where ERP can manage areas such as sales, supply, logistics. At the heart of the information of an industrial society, the PLM requires the use of an integration platform in order to connect the different PLM modules to each other or to synchronize the data with the ERP. At the moment, cloud approaches facilitate PLM projects, but it is also necessary to ensure that cloud deployments can communicate with existing on-premises.

In this interview, Renaud Flanders, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software and Jérôme Quintard, CIMPA PLM Solutions Architect, exchange their views on the concept of product lifecycle management and the importance of integration processes in a PLM project.

In the summary of this interview:

  • What is PLM?
  • How to measure the effectiveness of a PLM approach?
  • What are the challenges of integrating into a PLM project?
  • What methodology for successful implementation of PLM?
  • What are the main mistakes to avoid?


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