Which Integration Technologies for Which Use Cases?

Data sources have multiplied within organizations—and the volume of data explodes because today everything consumes and generates data: on-premises or cloud applications, and exchanges with partners, customers, and connected devices.

The challenge lies in the ability for organizations to interconnect these heterogeneous data sources. This work of integration and interconnection is an essential step in setting up logic aimed at exploiting and taking advantage of data to propose new customer experiences and optimize operations while integrating technologies such as machine learning, predictive analysis, and artificial intelligence.

Why read this document?
Learn how to put in place an agile IT environment, exploit big data, integrate SaaS applications, and take advantage of data from the IoT in an Industry 4.0 project. Which integration technologies do you prioritize for your unique context and objectives? After analyzing each use case, this study proposes the most relevant TIBCO technologies.


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