TIBCO Spotfire for Manufacturing

Use data and analytics to improve products and operations.

The Spotfire platform has powerful out-of-the-box functionality that is easy to use and adapt to manufacturing use cases. Whether it's KPI charts for your manufacturing floor, root-cause analysis, or predictive maintenance, users at all levels can use Spotfire to identify inefficiencies, spot opportunities for improvement, and avoid problems.

Businesses looking to harness the industrial Internet of Things for real-time operations and digital manufacturing can leverage the TIBCO Insight Platform, which fuses streaming analytics with visual and predictive analytics provided from by Spotfire for automated actions, smart insights and continuous learning as a closed-loop solution.

  • See how Spotfire works with machine sensors for maintenance analytics.

Featured Products

TIBCO Spotfire®

全新的 TIBCO Spotfire® A(X) Experience 讓使用者以更快、更輕鬆的方式取得資料價值 — 無論是剛使用分析功能的新手,還是想要深入了解洞察內容的專家,均可獲得滿意成效。

Spotfire® 推出自然語言搜尋和 AI 技術支援的洞察探索功能,不僅有助迅速產生洞察內容,也帶來操作自然、合乎直覺的絕佳體驗。現在,系統會在資料畫布上自動記錄您採取的每個步驟,作為可供稽核和共用的工作流程。

我們也運用 TIBCO Spotfire® Data Streams 開放串來流分析功能以供使用。現在,您可以連接至超過 80 個即時資料來源,以視覺化方式分析當下發生的情況,並與其他資料相互對參照,進而拓展即時情境。

這些功能與業界領先的地理分析、預測性分析和內嵌資料科學等進階功能相互結合,搭配深具設計感的全新使用者介面,Spotfire X 就此成為市面上功能最全面的分析解決方案。

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