TIBCO Spotfire for Consumer Goods and Retail

Leverage analytics to increase brand share in a heavily competitive market.

Predictive and event driven projections coupled with a dimension-free data mining environment improves marketing, decreases customer service costs, builds customer loyalty and enables better collaboration with distribution partners.

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TIBCO Spotfire®

TIBCO Spotfire® 是市面上最完善的分析解決方案,所有人都可輕鬆快速地以視覺化方式檢視在數據中發現的探索內容。人人都能運用內建人工智慧引擎提供技術支援的搜尋與推薦功能,順利探索數據以獲得洞察內容。

無論要建立的是簡單的儀表板測量內容、預測性應用程式,還是動態即時分析應用程式,Spotfire® 都能大規模提供諸如視覺化分析、數據整頓、預測性分析、定點分析和串流分析等眾多功能。

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