Data Virtualization, the Foundation of the Data-driven Enterprise

Data virtualization is part of data architecture that accompanies analytic projects—providing data as a service, the logical data warehouse, and a 360-degree view—to maximize the potential of data.

In this interview, François Rivard, managing partner, Astrakhan Consulting, and Sadaq Boutrif, consulting solutions director, TIBCO Software France answer questions on data virtualization:

  • How is data virtualization positioned in the stack of data solutions?
  • How to compare data virtualization with other approaches, such as data wrangling or ETL?
  • Gartner estimates that by 2020, 50% of companies will have deployed some form of data virtualization. What are the uses that will drive this growth?
  • What does data virtualization mean in terms of organization?
  • What are the obstacles or risks that can complicate the gestation of these projects?
  • How does TIBCO see its position today in this landscape of data virtualization?


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