How JetBlue Uses Analytics to Remain the Most Caring Travel Provider in the World

In 2014, the US airline carrier JetBlue received a TIBCO Trailblazer Impact Award for transforming its IT into a strategic differentiator. Today it’s 21,000 crew members are delivering on its mission of humanity in the airport, on board, and through its customer support center. Learn how―backed by its award-winning integration project and its analytics platform developed since―this innovative airline keeps pushing the envelope for a passenger experience that offers the most seamless, easy, and pleasant travel experience possible.

In this webinar, JetBlue Director of Shared Development Services Andi Azzolina and TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer Michael O'Connell uncover:

  • Service innovations devised from collaboration among three business units
  • Data strategy, data sources, and physical infrastructure supporting rapid data refresh and a holistic view of the entire network including flights, fleet, and passengers
  • Reports used to implement key services, like customer re-accommodation, relief flights, and supplies needed during hurricanes Harvey and Maria, and special service requests that enable the crew to provide customers with special meals, wheelchairs, and preferences
  • Scorecards to surface six key corporate matrixes for all employees and dashboards to show performance and customer satisfaction for each of its 90 airports
  • Predictive and geo-analytics being used for proof of concept initiatives, like facial recognition to streamline boarding


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