Predictive analytics at scale with TIBCO and Vertica: Know the Big Data solution to support your business processes

Register now to this free webinar where we will show you how the integration of Vertica as a distributed analytical backend and TIBCO Spotfire as a visual analytical tool, is capable of applying predictive models based on Machine Learning algorithms. We will check how it is possible to represent them visually to support the business without costly integrations or complex architectures.
TIBCO Spotfire is an intelligent, secure and managed analytical platform at the "enterprise" level that offers visual and geospatial analytics in real time. Whether in your day-to-day business analysis or building dashboards, Spotfire will support you thanks to its numerous algorithms, capabilities and embedded models.
Vertica is an analytical platform capable of executing advanced functions in a distributed and parallel manner thanks to its parallel mass processing (MPP) architecture. Doing it on large volumes of data with minimal response times is a critical requirement for Big Data, and Vertica offers unique capabilities in a database that help improve and implement the necessary analytical models.
In this webinar we will also present a case of use of predictive geoanalytics that starts from public datasets of taxi routes in European cities, and develops its analysis with predictive techniques that allow flow estimations of very valuable people for urban planning, transport of people and goods, tourism, etc.


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