On Demand: Dynamic Pricing – How AA Ireland Transformed into An Algorithmic Insurer

In this webinar, part 2 in our Algorithmic Insurance series, you will learn how insurance customer AA Ireland adopted TIBCO's Connected Intelligence platform for dynamic pricing, fraud detection, and customer engagement. We will interview Nina Jensen, senior quantitative analyst, to understand her company’s digital transformation into a more agile and profitable business through implementation of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models using a simple software solution.

We'll discuss the algorithmic approach to the following challenges:

  • Implementation and governance of supervised and un-supervised machine learning models
  • Deployment of sophisticated pricing models into a real-time ratings engine
  • Understanding the likelihood to claim and of propensity to purchase an insurance policy
  • Rebasing the models with frequent updates from customer interactions and transactions


Michael O’Connell, PhD, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software

Adam Goldsmith, Head of Insurance, UK& Ireland, TIBCO Software

Nina Jensen, Senior Quantitative Analyst, AA Ireland

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