APIs in Retail: Staying Ahead of Warp Speed

Just as digital advances guarantee constant transformation, they also offer tremendous opportunity. An entire generation of customers now moves effortlessly between the physical and digital worlds, using a variety of tools and channels, and they expect retailers to keep up, or even lead the way. That's why companies need strategies and technologies that help them extract and share data securely, efficiently, and profitably. They need flexible platforms that can incorporate evolving customer habits easily. Above all, they need seamless integration between the physical and digital worlds.

The most forward-thinking enterprises in retail aren't just keeping up, they're staying ahead. They're leveraging API Management to create seamless experiences across multiple channels to ensure easy communication and transaction; power e-commerce mobile and web experiences even as new tools and channels emerge; enable consistent just-in-time pricing and product information; and expedite data delivery to drive personalized offers, simplify in-store returns, empower sales associates, and enhance the customer experience.

In this easy-to-read Mashery Retail Success Guide, you'll get an overview of how the market is changing, and real-world examples of successful retailers as they:

  • Offer a seamless experience while expanding touch points across every customer-facing channel, with apps built from both open and closed developer communities
  • Enable a range of programs that allow greater integration between the brick-and-mortar stores and online business, with apps that enhance the in-store experience
  • Build partner networks that have the potential to disrupt existing processes, and boost competitive advantage by developing, launching, and updating mobile apps faster

Explore the changing world of retail—and the best ways to stay ahead—in the Mashery Retail Success Guide.

To learn more about API Management and the future of Retail, view this Infographic.


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