Personalize Your Organization's Analytics Experience with TIBCO App Store

Let's imagine that your organization heavily invested in analytics and you find it challenging to optimize the discovery and utilization of this investment. TIBCO's Analytics App Store is here to help!

In this webinar we will show you how this web-based analytics application management portal can:

  • Provide streamlined approach to quickly access the most appropriate application for a business challenge.
  • Provide capabilities to inventory and measure usage of your analytics applications/reports.
  • Reduce churn and time (inefficiencies) by ensuring the correct analytic application is used by the right business users.
  • Provide a platform by which to govern and provide access to external parties and drive revenue from your analytic assets.

Already have non-TIBCO web-enabled technologies in place at your organization? No worries! Our Analytics App Store can be customized to accommodate your legacy BI systems and of course it easily connects with our TIBCO Spotfire BI tool as well.

Watch Webinar

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