Simplify Inline Data Prep and Visualization

Slow Data is an Insight Killer!

Data complexity and connecting numerous data sources make gaining insight from data analytics difficult. As an analyst you know that getting several sources of data joined and in the right shape is often very time consuming, and in many cases you are forced to look to separate tools to do the job. The more you work with data, the more you realize it needs more complex adjustments.

Having to go back and forth between your data preparation and your visualization tools can be frustrating, and extends the time to get to any deep analysis. Analysts are much more efficient when they can manipulate their data within their analytics tool.

In this 45 minute webinar you’ll gain insight into:

The need for data manipulation as part of self-service data discovery The TIBCO Spotfire® approach to data manipulation: inline data wrangling How to simply augment, reshape, and redefine your data throughout the analysis process.

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