TIBCO DirectConnect: The Gold Standard for Support

TIBCO customers with a strategic investment in TIBCO software can streamline and accelerate their deployments and product issue resolution with TIBCO DirectConnectSM, the gold standard in TIBCO Support.

Participants in the TIBCO DirectConnect program receive a named point of contact, a TIBCO Support expert who takes an active role in planning and ensuring the success of your use of TIBCO products. The DirectConnect Manager conducts regular account management status meetings with personalized reports. This DirectConnect Manager coordinates and mobilizes TIBCO resources as they are needed to resolve customer support issues with an emphasis on faster response times.

DirectConnect Managers are drawn from the top ranks of the TIBCO organization and have years of experience assisting TIBCO customers utilize TIBCO products in complex environments. With a direct and immediate channel to TIBCO Support, Engineering, and Product Management organizations, they help you achieve your goals in the most time-effective and cost-effective way to overcome technical and procedural issues that arise, and transfer TIBCO knowledge to your staff.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of the TIBCO DirectConnect program to your organization.