Predict confidently with real-time data-driven intelligence

Augment the intelligence of everyone and everything by learning from and acting on data in real time.

To succeed in the digital economy, it's not enough to just collect data. Today's business leaders augment the intelligence of their business by running analytics and data science in real time on all the data in their enterprise applications, operational systems, organization, and ecosystem. Deliver new insights and infuse AI-fueled awareness into critical business processes—to create new disruptive business models, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and optimize operations.

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具備 AI 驅動的視覺化分析和儀表板,可快速輕鬆地產生高價值的深入洞見,並達到預期成效。有了智慧資料探索、內嵌資料整頓、地理空間分析和一鍵式預測分析功能,任何人都能運用這些洞察資料,做出更完善的決策。

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Data Science & Machine Learning

Apply data science and machine learning methods to generate the best models and manage them over their lifecycle to realize full value. Provide data scientists with reusable templates that can be easily deployed with industry-leading model management, monitoring, and governance to deliver insights the organization can understand, trust, and act on.


Closed Loop Analytic Applications

Build and deploy end-to-end analytic applications and workflows that allow you to connect all your data (big or small), learn from data to gain intelligence, automate workflows, and act on intelligence before the value is lost.



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