Empower Everyone To Become Insights-driven with AI-powered Analytics


Analytics capabilities are foundational to a digital business; they allow insights to be extracted from data big or small, streaming or at rest. With the ubiquity of data, analytics is proliferating across every discipline. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language search are making it easier for everyone to generate insights whether from self-service analytics, IT-governed centralized analytics, embedded analytics, or advanced analytics use cases.

Why TIBCO Analytics


Empower everyone to transform data into insights quickly and easily with the power of AI and machine learning. Use data visualizations to build an understanding of how the business is performing and what opportunities and risks are developing. Then, your organization can truly make fast, data-driven decisions.


By comprehending information and collaborating with others to spark insights and spot patterns in data faster, the days of relying on gut instinct to make quick decisions are long gone.

Analyze data wherever it is

Don’t compromise on analytics because of where the data is stored or the analytics performed. Hybrid cloud deployments are the new normal and require best-in-class analytics capabilities for data that’s on-premises or in public or private cloud sources

Give everyone advanced analytics

Now more of your organization can benefit from easy-to-use interactive dashboards with built-in geospatial, one-click predictive, and streaming analytics to develop deeper insights, discover hidden patterns, and act on high-value business opportunities.

Increase the value of your software

Data holds an incredible amount of value, yet most users don't have the time or patience to learn a specialized business intelligence tool. Make analytics convenient and intuitive for them by embedding analytics in apps and business processes.

Spend less time on analytics requests

Save your technical teams from repetitive, time-intensive tasks, and writing custom code for every report or data visualization. Instead, allow them to focus on your core product or service by enabling end-users to visualize and get answers from data all on their own.

Spend less time on analytics requests
Key Analytics Capabilities
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TIBCO Spotfire® 是市面上最完善的分析解決方案,所有人都可輕鬆快速地以視覺化方式檢視在數據中發現的探索內容。人人都能運用內建人工智慧引擎提供技術支援的搜尋與推薦功能,順利探索數據以獲得洞察內容。

無論要建立的是簡單的儀表板測量內容、預測性應用程式,還是動態即時分析應用程式,Spotfire® 都能大規模提供諸如視覺化分析、數據整頓、預測性分析、定點分析和串流分析等眾多功能。

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