Event-driven Architecture for Agility and Flexibility

Event-driven is the native architectural model of IoT and digital business.

Traditional request-response interaction is client-driven and synchronous. It couples two endpoints—and fails to provide the fast, reactive experience your customers are going to expect next. Demand for agile, flexible solutions is driving adoption of event-driven applications, and that requires you to be able to securely and reliably distribute data anywhere, identify meaningful events within those data streams, and store that data for instant access by other systems. The result: real-time intelligence and responsiveness, extensibility of applications, and global scale.

  • Learn about TIBCO’s event streaming architecture

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Secure, reliable, real-time data distribution is a crucial part of your digital infrastructure. TIBCO Messaging, the most comprehensive messaging portfolio in a single, seamlessly integrated platform, is exactly what you need. Adopt event-driven applications with less complexity, less confusion, less worry.


Displace competitors and differentiate in crowded markets with faster response to increasing data volumes. Seize opportunities before they vanish and avert risks and threats as they unfold and before they create problems by automating decisions and actions based on data within your streams.

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