Manufacturing Intelligence for the Digital Factory

Accelerate innovation with collaboration and real-time contextual awareness

With advances in cloud, machine learning, edge computing, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smarter, scalable factory solutions will alter value chains, redefine customer experiences, and create opportunities for new revenue streams. In a Smart Factory, all relevant data is connected, aggregated, analyzed, and acted on proactively. Sensors, devices, equipment, people, and processes are part of a connected ecosystem. This manufacturing intelligence gives decision-makers a competitive edge by digitizing the business, optimizing costs, improving quality, accelerating innovation, and redefining the customer experience.

What is a Digital Factory?

Connected. Aware. Predictive.  The digital factory combines instrumented physical systems and the IIoT to create an intelligent ecosystem that allows organizations to become real-time situationally aware, predictive, and optimized. Become a digital factory and move from reactive to proactive management of products, processes, machines, and the supply chain.

Featured Products

TIBCO StreamBase®


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TIBCO Spotfire®

TIBCO Spotfire® 是市面上最全面的分析解决方案,可帮助每名用户快速轻松地显示在数据中新发现的内容。使用由内置人工智能引擎提供支持的搜索和推荐功能,每个人都可以探索数据以获取洞见。

无论是创建简单的控制面板度量、预测性应用还是动态实时分析应用,Spotfire® 都可提供大量可扩展功能,包括可视化分析、数据整理、预测性分析以及流式分析。

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TIBCO® Data Science

Data science is a team sport. Data scientists, citizen data scientists, data engineers, business users, and developers need flexible and extensible tools that promote collaboration...

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TIBCO® Data Virtualization

企业数据虚拟化解决方案,可协调对多个不同数据源的访问,并为几乎所有分析解决方案提供数据集和 IT 生成的基础数据服务。

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TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise

TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise ― 全面支持的商用开源版本Project Flogo®,让开发人员可以使用基于浏览器的流程设计器构建微服务或功能。然后即可将这些流程部署到任何基础设施:位于本地、设备边缘和 Web 规模无服务器环境中。使用 Flogo® Enterprise,可以在本地最少量的 IoT 设备上收集或分析数据,因此可以实时做出决策并采取措施。

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Attain the agility to integrate & expose your data, apps, and devices to your entire ecosystem