TIBCO专业服务部(PSG)是全球最有经验的TIBCO咨询组织。TIBCO PSG以帮助客户在更短的时间内获得更多价值而闻名,采用的交付方法已经在20多年成功部署中得到验证。



我们能够将行业、技术和TIBCO产品方面的最佳实践相结合,以帮助您通过SOA、BPM、MDM和业务优化实现自己的目标。我们的使命是帮助您获得成功,包括能够在正确的时间捕捉正确的信息,并充分利用这些信息来保持竞争优势。Two-Second Advantage®

Jeff Bailey,USFilter业务系统开发和集成副总裁





当您与TIBCO PSG合作时,您将获得来自整个TIBCO全球生态系统的支持,从而有助于您取得成功,并避免代价高昂的返工。我们为TIBCO的产品支持、教育、工程以及其它部分,提供最快、最有效的沟通和问题升级渠道。




Expert Services

Expert Services help ensure effective solution architectures as well as reduce costs and improve quality, consistency, and solution maintainability across projects. Get the support, leadership, and guidance of an expert, or a small team of experts, in:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture & Standards
  • Architecture Health Check
  • Enterprise Architecture Assessment
  • Solution Architecture Assessment
  • Go-Live Readiness Assessment

Avail of Expert Services across your engagements via these options:

  • Client Architects
  • Center of Excellence

Implementation Services

Implementation services address the full lifecycle of a project, from charter, requirements, and architectural blueprint to ensuring that you have a framework in place for effective operations, monitoring, and support. Speed time-to-value using our implementation services, such as:

  • Starter Packs
  • Implementation Packs
  • Accelerators

Upgrade & Migration Services

Leverage TIBCO's expertise, processes, and tools to upgrade your existing implementation and take advantage of the latest features or platforms. Solutions include:

  • Product upgrades for TIBCO BusinessWorks integration, TIBCO Spotfire analytics, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM software, and TIBCO MDM software
  • Cloud Migrations

TIBCO Cloud Path

TIBCO Cloud Path is a service that uses proven methodology to create the ideal cloud architecture for your business. We lay out the plan to get your organization to the cloud and help you seize the full value of your TIBCO applications, extend their lifecycles, and increase the value of your apps once they are in the cloud. TIBCO Cloud Path helps companies transform into digital businesses at the pace they set. Our joint partnership before, during, and after cloud migration, brings the expertise, tools, and knowledge to make it a smooth and successful transformation. TIBCO Cloud Path uses the full range of Services offerings including Expert Services for defining your cloud strategy, Implementation Services for setting up your target environment and Dev Ops environment, Upgrade and Migration Services to migrate your TIBCO applications to the cloud, and Managed XaaS to manage your hybrid cloud environments.

Learn more about TIBCO Cloud Path

Managed XaaS

Optimize and transform your business operations—while maintaining focus on your core objectives—by leveraging our managed platform services that run TIBCO applications anywhere:

  • On-Premise
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Environments

Learn more about TIBCO Managed XaaS