TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus®

TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus®

  • Simple process language in version controlled environment, Drill down to create process hierarchies 
  • Assign compliance frameworks to processes, upload risk/control libraries, close compliance gaps 
  • Capture improvement points, gain review feedback, Define As is To be Models

Define, Simplify, Share, and Change your processes in minutes.

Nobody knows your business better than you.

For your business to grow and transform, you need the ability to communicate clearly how to get things done… right. The best way to do this is through mapping your business processes and operations. This doesn’t apply to just big corporations with enormous consulting budgets; it is true for companies of all shapes and sizes. TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus® makes it easy enough that you can do it yourself.

You can map your own business processes and operations to facilitate business growth and rapid employee on-boarding. Or, communicate major operational changes or digital transformation efforts to your entire team (or organization) in a manner that minimizes business disruption.

  • Free 30-day trial, includes: 5 Authors and 100 Contributors


Process Mappers

  • Define processes in an easy-to-understand "visual language"
  • Collaborate on improvements and change
  • Publish new maps, change and publish existing maps
  • Send and track notifications for new maps or procedural changes


  • See exactly how to perform job-related tasks and activities the right way
  • Suggest process changes
  • Immediately locate the most up to date version of documents, forms, or links for each task
  • Receive notifications for procedural updates and changes
Find and Fix Inefficiencies

Find and Fix Inefficiencies

With a single end-to-end view of processes, you can identify and eliminate non-value adding activities, see the full business impact of proposed changes, and calculate a clear return on investment for process improvement and automation projects.

Eliminate Organizational Silos

Eliminate Organizational Silos

Connect your teams and improve your agility by quickly providing the information necessary to determine the impact of a change, allowing entire groups to submit feedback and suggest enhancements. This streamlined way of operating can also reduce your time to market and advance SLAs enabling new products, services, policies, and operating procedures.


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