Predict confidently with real-time data-driven intelligence

把握一切机会,应用 AI 驱动的洞见赢得当前的市场。

要在数字化经济中取得成功,仅仅连接各种系统、企业和生态系统还远远不够。如今的商业领袖会利用所有可用数据来进行分析,以获得新的洞见,将 AI 驱动的感知能力融入关键业务流程,进而 增强其所在企业的智能 — 创建颠覆性的全新业务模型、提供极致的客户体验并优化运营。

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Data Science & Machine Learning

Apply data science and machine learning methods to generate the best models and manage them over their lifecycle to realize full value. Provide data scientists with reusable templates that can be easily deployed with industry-leading model management, monitoring, and governance to deliver insights the organization can understand, trust, and act on.



利用 AI 驱动的可视化分析和控制面板,快速轻松地生成并获取至关重要的洞见。借助智能化数据搜寻、内联数据整理、地理空间分析和一键式预测分析,帮助每名用户利用洞见做出更合理的决策。

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Closed Loop Analytic Applications

Build and deploy end-to-end analytic applications and workflows that allow you to connect all your data (big or small), learn from data to gain intelligence, automate workflows, and act on intelligence before the value is lost.


从员工已使用的业务应用中获取洞见。通过屡获殊荣的 JavaScript 框架将交互式可视化无缝嵌入到您的产品或服务中。

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