Success Guide for a Healthy API Program

TIBCO Cloud Mashery + API Fortress = High-Performance API Testing

Are your APIs performing optimally and as they were designed? Do reliability and scalability concerns keep you up at night? Are you confident you can rapidly recover from a failure?

Just about every customer we talk to has these concerns. The good news is that no matter where your API program is today, the right tools can support your program’s health and empower you to support your customer’s needs.

Tools like TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® software for cloud-native API management, and API Fortress for continuous testing, help large and small enterprises evolve toward a healthy and scalable API program. The partnership between TIBCO and API Fortress expedites innovation throughout the full API lifecycle. We have collaborated for a seamless experience for creating, testing, productizing, securing, and analyzing APIs, and also for defining the key areas for a healthy API program.

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