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Whether you’re brand new to TIBCO Spotfire® or have a problem that’s been bugging you for a while, we’re here to help! TIBCO is now holding free, regular "office hours" for all Spotfire users where we’ll answer your questions about all things Spotfire, share tips and tricks, and help you discover new powerful features you might have missed. Dr. Spotfire office hours are staffed by our top data scientists and education staff—the experts from TIBCO Software. 

2018 FIFA World Cup Predictions with TIBCO

In this Dr. Spotfire session, we will analyze what the 2018's FIFA World Cup will bring us. We will identify the players with the highest performance, the next stars of the World Cup, and which would be the most promising team to fight for the title, based on the performance of the players individually, and the historical performance of the team in past competitions. Join us on this road to the World Cup!

Who Should Attend? 

Anyone can attend office hours—new user questions as well as advanced Spotfire topics will be answered, as submitted. 

What Topics Are Covered?

We cover all things Spotfire, including: 

  • Visualization Tips & Tricks
  • Loading Data
  • Data Wrangling and Data preparation
  • Calculations and Custom Expressions
  • Using R with Spotfire
  • Geo Analytics
  • Streaming Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Integration with Other TIBCO Products

How Do I Get My Question Answered?

  1. Tweet your question with the hashtag #DrSpotfire
  2. Post your question to the TIBCO Community "Answers" section with the hashtag #DrSpotfire

For more information on Dr. Spotfire solutions and related topics please visit our Tips & Tricks Community page and blogs.


Presented By:

DivyaJyoti (DJ) Rajdev
Data Scientist
TIBCO Software Inc.

Dr. Spotfire Featured Expert
TIBCO Software Inc.

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