The TIBCO System of Insight – Actions with Analytics


Michael O’ConnellChief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software, Inc.
Louis Bajuk-YorganSenior Director, Product Management, Streaming and Advanced Analytics, TIBCO Software, Inc.


About This Webinar:

Businesses want action, not data.

Forrester has identified a new industry category, "insight platforms," which are designed to solve the challenge of facilitating action on insights uncovered with analytics.

Insight platforms combine visual analytics, predictive analytics, and streaming analytics in a closed-loop formation that makes it easy to translate analytics-derived insight into action. They:

  • Source and manage the right data
  • Enable analytics using many different techniques
  • Implement the resulting insights into software
  • Capture outcome data for continuous optimization

The future of analytics-informed action is here. Hear Michael O'Connell and Louis Bajuk-Yorgan discuss the next wave in analytics.

"Businesses want action, not data. The path to action lies through digital insight. That is insight you can test and implement in software," Brian Hopkins of Forrester Research wrote in the blog post, Insight Platforms Have Arrived.

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