How PowerSchool Scored an A+ in iPaaS


Alan TaylorVP of Sales Operations, PowerSchool
John SchmottlachVP, Delivery, Apps Associates
Leon StigterProduct Manager, TIBCO Software Inc.


About This Webinar:

As businesses use more and more cloud services, the need to break down data silos and integrate these services is becoming increasingly important. In this webinar, learn how PowerSchool automated its entire lead-to-order-to-cash process by integrating cloud services using TIBCO® Cloud Integration

PowerSchool is the leading education technology platform serving over 57 million students, parents, teachers, and administrators in 70+ countries. As part of its transition from a subsidiary of Pearson to a standalone business, PowerSchool enlisted Apps Associates to help build an integrated order-to-cash process, which over the past 12 months, has been extended to include transactions from four newly acquired businesses.

Apps Associates is a global provider of consulting services that leverages a network of partners to help clients maximize value from their IT investments. It selected TIBCO to help PowerSchool score an A+ in iPaaS.

Join speakers from PowerSchool, Apps Associates, and TIBCO to learn how PowerSchool used TIBCO Cloud Integration to:

  • Improve developer productivity by 20-35%
  • Complete projects more quickly and at a lower cost
  • Integrate PowerSchool’s applications with customers’ and partners’ applications
  • Automate lead-to-order-to-cash to improve business user productivity

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