Biggest Analytics Innovation Trends to Watch through 2020

Analytics is pervasive and foundational for a modern digital business. And because the pace of innovation is accelerating, analytics becomes even more critical for even more use cases. 
What are the upcoming analytics innovation trends that will have biggest impact? Attend this webinar to learn more.

Topics that will be covered:
    •    Top technologies innovative companies are using
    •    Top innovation areas in analytics and business intelligence
    •    Top drivers for adoption of analytics  
    •    Business and technology drivers behind BI and analytic innovation

About the speakers:
Shawn Rogers is a senior director of analytic strategy at TIBCO. Shawn is an internationally recognized thought leader, speaker, author, and instructor on IoT, big data, analytics, cloud, data integration, data warehousing, and social analytics topics.  

Bipin Singh drives analytics product marketing at TIBCO. He has more than 10 years’ experience with analytics and engineering in automation, energy, healthcare, and  semiconductor verticals. He has held product management, marketing, and engineering positions at Agilent, Aspen Technology, Carl Zeiss, and Intel. Bipin holds an PhD from Iowa State, an MBA from Babson College, and a B. Tech degree from IIT Kanpur.


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