The AI & ML Innovation Race through 2020

On Demand Webinar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have the power to disrupt and transform organizations. For some, these are just overused buzzwords—and for others, they are central components of a powerful innovation strategy. Watch this On Demand webinar to prepare for #digitaltransformation, remove barriers, and truly innovate.
Topics include:

  • What are the key drivers for blockchain, BI & analytics, and app & data integration?
  • How are companies innovating from a business perspective vs. a technology perspective?
  • What is the impact on people, process, and technology?
  • How are companies scaling these technologies through 2020?

About the speakers:
Shawn Rogers is a senior director of analytic strategy at TIBCO. He is an internationally recognized thought leader, speaker, author, and instructor on analytics, big data, cloud, data integration, data warehousing, IoT, and social analytics. 

David Sweenor has nearly 20 years of hands-on business analytics experience spanning  BI & advanced analytics, business strategy, data warehousing, IoT, manufacturing, and product development and marketing. In his current role as TIBCO’s global analytics marketing leader, he is responsible for go-to-market strategy for the advanced analytics portfolio.

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