APIs, Documentation, & Security in the World of Event-driven Microservices
On Demand 20-Minute Webinar

APIs, Documentation, & Security in the World of Event-driven Microservices

Everything was easier when we knew where our code would run. Now, with the advent of microservices, functions as a service, and other massively distributed architectures, the traditional role of API Management—scalability, security, support—is changing. 

Join us for a 20-minute on demand webinar where TIBCO's Rob Zazueta will explain what these changes look like and how to adapt to them. You want to continue supporting your current architectures, while you begin adopting the brave, new world of massive distribution.

About the presenter:
Rob Zazueta -   @rzazueta

Rob Zazueta is director of digital strategy, providing thought leadership and concrete advice for TIBCO’s customers as they embark on their journey of digital transformation. Rob’s career has spanned business development with an emphasis on technical integrations and channel partnerships, technical sales and support, web application design and programming, and online and social marketing. He also spent three years as an independent business owner providing technical consulting and development for small business.

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