TIBCO Spotfire for Consumer Goods and Retail

Leverage analytics to increase brand share in a heavily competitive market.

Predictive and event driven projections coupled with a dimension-free data mining environment improves marketing, decreases customer service costs, builds customer loyalty and enables better collaboration with distribution partners.

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TIBCO Spotfire®

TIBCO Spotfire® 是市面上最全面的分析解决方案,可帮助每名用户快速轻松地显示在数据中新发现的内容。使用由内置人工智能引擎提供支持的搜索和推荐功能,每个人都可以探索数据以获取洞见。

无论是创建简单的控制面板度量、预测性应用还是动态实时分析应用,Spotfire® 都可提供大量可扩展功能,包括可视化分析、数据整理、预测性分析以及流式分析。

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