TIBCO Spotfire® for Financial Services

Use Data and Analytics to Minimize Risks and Maximize Opportunities

Spotfire® delivers powerful and flexible out-of-the-box capabilities for financial services and insurance use cases. Whether it's portfolio analysis, claims management, or executive dashboards, users at all levels can use Spotfire to identify inefficiencies and risks, opportunities to improve, and problems to avoid.

Organizations that want to make algorithmic decisions and further automate business processes can utilize the full power of the TIBCO Insight Platform, which fuses streaming analytics with the visual and predictive analytics provided by Spotfire.

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TIBCO Spotfire®

全新的TIBCOSpotfire® A(X) 体验让每个人都可以快速轻松地从数据中获取价值 - 无论您是刚刚开始使用分析还是试图发现洞见的专家。

我们在 Spotfire® X 中引入了自然语言搜索和 AI 驱动的洞见发现功能,以便快速生成洞见,进而提供自然、直观的体验。现在,您采取的每个步骤都将作为可审计、可共享的工作流程自动记录到数据画布 (data canvas) 上。

此外,利用 TIBCO Spotfire® Data Streams,公众也可以访问流式分析功能。如今,您可以连接到 80 多个实时数据源,对当前发生的事件进行可视化分析,并将它们与任何其它数据相结合,扩大实时情境感知范围。

这些特性与顶级地理分析、预测性分析和嵌入式数据科学等高级功能相结合,并完全集成到美观的新 UI 中,使 Spotfire...

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