What’s New in TIBCO Cloud Integration

Think you know everything about TIBCO Cloud™ Integration? Think again!

What if I told you that since TIBCO Cloud Integration was introduced in May of 2016 there have been TWELVE releases? What if I told you that we are releasing new functionality EACH MONTH? What if I told you that according to many astronauts, space smells like seared steak?

Still think you know it all? (OK, if you knew the space one, I’m impressed). In those 12 releases, TIBCO Cloud Integration has added a ton of cool new stuff. Watch this brief (30 minute) on-demand webinar, “What’s New in TIBCO Cloud Integration” to check out:

  • A web-based design time for easier and faster application creation
  • Built in VPN connectivity to connect to on-premises data sources
  • The capability to run Node.js code for you

TIBCO Cloud Integration is available to everyone and can help solve your integration problems big and small.

This webinar covers key updates and a sneak peek to where we’re going.

<<BONUS ALERT>> Attendees of this webinar are powering up! Once you’ve registered, look out for a code that will allow you to extend your trial for 30 days. Trial’s expired? No worries. This bonus code will unlock another 30 days of gratis TIBCO Cloud Integration trial-ing.


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