Advanced Topics: Machine Learning in Spotfire

How can I predict the future price of my home? In this webinar, we’ll answer real data science questions like this using Spotfire and TERR to make smarter decisions. We'll take the role of a real estate firm in this webinar, examining how to prospect for development projects.

This is the final step in our five-part webinar series called the Building Blocks of Data Science. In this series, we will explore solving real data science questions using Spotfire and TERR. We’ll walk you through the concepts and then do a live example using the technique.

Join Troy Ruths, Chief Data Scientist at, who will introduce clustering techniques using TERR.

In this webinar, Troy will present:

  • Introduction to clustering in TERR
  • A live demo addressing a problem using supervised clustering and other standard techniques.
  • An overview of TERR packages, use cases, and everything you need to get started.

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