Why API Management?

Create, productize, secure, and analyze your API program to execute your digital strategy

Your digital business requires an API management platform to enable API-led innovation and agility, new business models, and enterprise-scale security to protect your assets. 

APIs are the connective tissue of every digital business platform, from powering digital marketplaces to seamless API-led connectivity of legacy, cloud, and data from the edge. As enterprises increasingly adopt cloud-native tools for more speed, agility, and scale, your API platform must similarly evolve. 

With an API management platform, you can create and productize API products while managing the security and performance analytics of user traffic. TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® delivers market-leading full lifecycle API management capabilities for enterprises adopting cloud-native development and deployment practices, such as API testing and API security. It’s the cloud-native API platform you can deploy anywhere, allowing you to manage APIs from everywhere.

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