Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecom provider, supplying corporate and residential mobile and fixed-line telephony, Internet, and digital TV. It is also one of Switzerland's largest IT service providers and one of Europe's most sustainable companies.


Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecom provider, supplying corporate and residential mobile and fixed-line telephony, Internet, and digital TV. It is also one of Switzerland's largest IT service providers and one of Europe's most sustainable companies.


Not only do we have an IT architecture, we also have the possibility to evolve it in a more cost effective way and provide a foundation enabling people to establish business and IT transformation.

Luciano Aprile
Head of Enterprise Application Integration Development

Swisscom Integrates to Compete and Transform

Improved profitability, cost savings, quality, performance, time to market


“Our market dynamics are extremely challenging,” says head of enterprise application integration (EAI) development Luciano Aprile. “They include competition with local Telco operators, as well as with so-called “over-the-top” providers that don’t own network infrastructure but provide services using the resources of local providers, like Swisscom. In addition, we are making a fast transformation to digital business.

“In 2007, Swisscom announced an organizational restructuring that prompted an IT platform merge and consolidation, which is still ongoing. Consolidating gives you the chance to improve—but the challenge is not only integrating technologies and IT platforms, it is also about integrating people from different divisions who need to create solutions for the whole company. Integration started to be a very fundamental aspect of collaboration. If we could not integrate or transform our processes, it would have meant slower product creation and time to market, increased costs, and reduced revenues.”


“In 2010, based on a product analysis—cost, product maturity, stability, support availability—the decision was made to use TIBCO as the core technology for the integration platform serving all of Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. The experience was very positive, and we are still producing valuable results.

“The products are mature, reliable, and quite user-friendly. Development and operations teams do not have to deal with the complexity of low-level details. TIBCO’s ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ re-uses functions so new integrations and time to market are faster, which contributes to low TCO. At the same time, quality increases.

“When you are creating a platform from scratch, it’s really important to have a strategic partner to ensure you get the proper support. TIBCO Professional Services supported us when we started, and they supported us to stabilize performance later on. In both cases, the collaboration worked very well. They filled the gap in our knowledge, helping our employees ramp-up on building and managing our production installation. TIBCO support has been very, very helpful.”


Lower TCO, Faster Time to Market, Increased Quality, Higher Performance
“Our TIBCO solution transmits and receives applications data continuously. We lowered IT TCO by reducing effort and cost using this common, standardized infrastructure. It provides utilities and centralized messages and data exchange and enables flexible and effective business and IT transformation.

“It also reduces time to market because it enables efficient end-to-end (E2E) business process automation with standardized, reliable, and location-independent access to business functionalities in a heterogeneous environment. Plus, delivery is faster because of improved modularization, compatibility, stability, and availability. Based on a centralized organization, quality also increases because data deficits and inconsistencies on integrated backends can be corrected with ongoing, coordinated, exception handling.

“On top of all that, it has been extremely important to have a scalable, flexible platform that manages huge message volumes; for example, the tons of orders and traffic received when there’s a new iPhone launch.

“Our integration platform based on ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ supplies all these benefits, which is what we aimed for when we started implementing it.”


Revenue, Profitability, Cost Savings
“More than 120 IT applications are integrated, and we’ve implemented more than 650 integrations. Our solution is composed of more than 200 components and more than 85,000 data mappings. We handle more than 110 million synchronous and 35 million asynchronous calls every month. Before, these complexities were managed through point-to-point communications or by a mix of smaller solutions. It’s hard to exactly size the value of the platform, but for sure it’s bringing improved revenue, profitability, and cost savings.”


Cohesion Leading to Digital Business
“The EAI development team does not just integrate applications, it integrates people. E2E functional flows crossing the platform need to be designed, implemented, and tested with several units within Swisscom. Through this collaboration, our divisions start to understand mutual needs and support each other better. An engineered approach to managing so many stakeholders is required, and it provides a strong push toward internal cohesion. It helps us manage our digital business transformation challenges together, from IT to the business.”


“The current and future drivers for Swisscom are mainly three: Build the best telecommunications infrastructure, offer the best customer experience, and realize the best opportunities. For the EAI unit, this means supporting creation of interesting new products, anticipating trends and customer needs, being more agile and faster to market, and reducing cost through increased efficiency and quality.

145 Million

Synchronous and asynchronous calls handled monthly on the TIBCO platform