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AI and Data Science Innovation with Amazon SageMaker

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is right here, right now—and it’s changing our lives. The need for business optimization, combined with explosive growth in data and recent advances in applied statistics and cloud computing, has created a perfect storm of innovation. TIBCO brings real-time AI to business challenges with the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. In this webinar, we show real-time AI in action using Amazon SageMaker, TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud, and open source—with at-scale, in-database compute, visual composition and notebooks, Slack-style collaboration among users, and model lifecycle deployment via low-code tooling such as TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps software. We include case studies in equipment surveillance, dynamic pricing, risk management, route optimization, and customer engagement.


Success with TIBCO:


In revenues via price optimization, cross-sell, and fraud detection


Fewer surgical site infections


Increase in vessels monitored


Reduced fuel consumption for carriers


Citation fees eliminated for low-income people due to policy changes