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TIBCO LABS Quarterly Webinar - May 2019

On September 4, 2018 at TIBCO NOW, TIBCO announced the creation of TIBCO LABS™, a collaborative program for TIBCO customers and partners to actively participate in TIBCO’s technology innovation. Directed by TIBCO’s Office of the CTO, TIBCO LABS™ facilitates the development of solutions for today’s challenging problems, showcases new capabilities, and offers an early view into emerging technologies, including blockchain, AI, and machine learning.

Initial TIBCO LABS™ Projects include:

  • Project Cloud Conversations: Empowering users to ask questions and gain more in-depth knowledge from their data, the Cloud Conversations project delivers insights through conversations.
  • Project Dovetail: Given the lack of tooling and standardization, developing blockchain solutions with today’s technology is challenging. Project Dovetail addresses these issues by providing a graphical interface for modeling smart contracts, making them easier to write, visualize, test, and audit, all without deep programming experience. This project makes your smart contracts smarter.
  • TIBCO Cloud™ My Partner App: Collaborating with business partners is the foundation of a healthy ecosystem that fosters innovation. With TIBCO Cloud™ My Partner App, organizations can improve their partner collaboration, speed up resolution of requests, and streamline interactions, all while enabling quick and effective decision-making.
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Risk Investigation App: Keeping trust and relationships in the digital economy requires new ways to exchange data and insights with customers, partners, and governing bodies. With the TIBCO Cloud™ Risk Investigation App, companies can tap a comprehensive set of capabilities to improve risk management, speed up investigation of suspicious transactions, and strengthen collaboration across the enterprise.

Explore the first set of projects on the TIBCO LABS™ Community website.

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