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Solution Challenge

Industries like Retail, Healthcare, Banking, and Finance often use an ETL (extract, transform, and load) architecture for customer data. This is a time consuming and costly process that involves extracting data from multiple disparate data sources and then transforming this data and loading it into a data warehouse.

ETL additionally requires active inputs from various stakeholders (like developers, analysts, and top executives), which causes bottlenecks. ETLs require many resources including data storage cost, framework design development time, job maintenance, and more.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) allows customers to exercise their right over personal information (PI) data that has been captured and stored in business databases. The rights are:

  • Right to Know: what PI information is stored by the business
  • Right to Delete: PI information stored by the organization
  • Right to Opt-out: on selling their PI information to third parties
  • Right to Restrict: storing of PI of people 16 years of age and under

To comply with the CCPA, organizations have to manage customer data requests—resulting in a substantial performance downgrade of their online transactional processing (OLTP) databases. Businesses needed a better way to comply with the CCPA process and handle their customers' PI data requests.

Solution Description

The OrgSpire Inc. CCPA Solution connects a business' disparate data sources—making them accessible from a single location. It also offers data lineage capabilities to track changes.

Powered by TIBCO® Data Virtualization, Spotfire and EBX software, this solution reduces the bottleneck of OLTP database performance. The OrgSpire CCPA solution allows customers to perform their rights of PI data by integrating data from disparate data sources without replicating it. This creates a virtual data layer that delivers unified data services to support multiple applications and users. It also avoids the risk of storing PI data in another target source.

This solution has many tangible benefits for businesses:

  • All information from a given user—including PI, transactions, activities and account information—is provided without data movement to any server and with real-time data integration.
  • Data is available to the business faster than the traditional method as data is accessed from the source without replication.
  • Users can adjust models and create ad-hoc views to meet the changing needs of the business without the need to physically rebuild the data.
  • The solution saves hardware cost associated with data replication and consolidation efforts.

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