Passion with a Purpose

The creation, capture, and application of data increasingly define the ways in which we engage with each other, live our lives, and utilize and sustain the resources of our planet. TIBCO exists to help thinkers and creators of innovative solutions apply data to solve problems that on the surface seem daunting and beyond reach.

The challenges facing our world—and the organizations and communities dedicated to using a data-centric approach to achieving both incremental and frame-breaking successes—require no less than the best technologies and expertise that TIBCO brings to industry. #TIBCO4Good™ recognizes the importance of giving back. TIBCO4Good™ takes passion in our part in solving the impossible.

TIBCO4Good™ is our promise to contribute software, training, expertise, and strategic guidance to approved partner organizations and communities. Simply put, here at TIBCO our mission is to solve meaningful human challenges through technology.

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Featured Initiatives

TIBCO GatherSmart™

Reopening the economy will require proactive monitoring to help get people back to work safely. TIBCO is providing an at-cost solution to support this important effort. TIBCO GatherSmart™ is a managed solution for symptom tracking of personnel designed to provide a safe, easy-to-manage solution, for all types and sizes of organizations.

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City Harvest London

City Harvest London

City Harvest has provided more than 10 million meals to Britons facing hunger insecurity by tapping into the massive surplus of uneaten food available for rescue and redistribution. Covid-19 presented a massive challenge to their mission and TIBCO’s team responded with innovative technologies across our platform to sustain City Harvest’s partnerships and keep those in need fed.

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Data Shack

Data Shack

TIBCO partner Data-Shack, based in South Africa, is using data science to bring real change to a surprisingly innovative area. Data science has been used to tackle crucial issues in South Africa such as predicting where rhino poaching is going to occur in order to prevent it, protecting diamond mine assets from theft, and teaching young engineers to use analytics skills to contribute to Square Kilometer Array, the largest radio telescope ever built. This ebook shares how data science can be applied to solve real-world problems not only in Africa but around the world.

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Program Pillars



Organizations that share a common, data-centric view of facts, cause and effect, are best poised to drive meaningful results. Embracing a robust culture of insight-driven decision making breaks down barriers, accelerates action, and increases impact.



Solving societal challenges relies on the same principles as business innovation: creativity, embracing unconventional approaches, and willingness to challenge past assumptions through experimentation and continuous learning.



Sustaining momentum and maintaining impact is a greater challenge than the initial sparks of inspiration. Organizations that find the balance between sticking with their vision and rethink based on real-world observations, learn, adapt, and thrive.

Grant/Aid Scholarship Opportunities

Grant/Aid Sponsorship Opportunities

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