The Australian Government plans to deliver a modern, digital government by 2025—a government that's easy to deal with, informed by its citizens, and fit for the digital age.


TIBCO is an innovator in digital government and can help achieve these strategic priorities, which are all built on a foundation of well governed and shareable data.


How? By integrating systems and data sources, collecting and managing all data, and analyzing it to bring insight, transparency, and powerful decision-making. With these capabilities, together we can build a well trusted public service that can create better ways of working, reduce risk, and quickly bring people together.

TIBCO for Australian Government

TIBCO Australian Government Agencies
TIBCO Australian Government Agencies

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TIBCO Solutions

For Digital Government

  • Improved Citizen Experience
  • Data-driven Excellence
  • Public Sector Reinvention
  • Whole-of-Gov Architecture
  • TIBCO LABS for Gov
Improved Citizen Experience

Let citizens control their data for greater trust, privacy, and security. Consolidate siloed data sources and maintain a single version of the truth for clarity and faster, better services. Create processes that track when and who made changes.


Ascention, a TIBCO Gold Partner, has developed Citizen360, a turn-key solution to enable the value of citizen data for Government services.

Data-driven Excellence

An agile data fabric delivers accurate, consistent, and real-time data for all agencies.

  • Data quality tools to ensure clean, validated information
  • Data virtualization to create a data-as-a-service layer
  • Master, reference, and metadata management to maintain trustworthy data assets
  • Streaming data for real-time information feeds showing what's happening in the moment
Public Sector Reinvention

With hyperconverged analytics, support innovative data use inside and outside government for real-time operational awareness.


Use digital twins to understand the predictable effects of changes to processes and assets and optimize to reduce operational expenses.


Convert data into actionable insights for better, highly informed decision-making.

Whole-of-Gov Architecture

Digital Government needs a fluid and flexible architecture capable of incrementally adapting over weeks or months—not years.


TIBCO's comprehensive reference architecture models solutions and services for connecting any application or data source; unifying data for greater access, trust, and control; and predicting outcomes in real time and at scale.


The TIBCO LABS™ group provides an exciting program where customers, partners, and TIBCO experts collaborate to create the next wave of digital capabilities, including:

  • Analytics at the edge
  • Process mining
  • Smart blockchain contracts
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Relationship discovery with TIBCO Graph Database software

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