TIBCO Security Advisory: January 13, 2010 - TIBCO Runtime Agent™

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Why are these advisories being issued?

Security vulnerabilities have been discovered in:

  • TIBCO Runtime Agent™

TIBCO Runtime Agent is bundled with numerous TIBCO products, as detailed below.

What is the impact of the vulnerability?

The vulnerability could allow an attacker local to any system participating in a TIBCO domain to access the credentials of the administrator of the TIBCO domain. With these credentials, an attacker can then execute arbitrary code on any system that is a participant in the TIBCO domain. For details, please see the product advisory accessible from http:/services/support/advisories.

Which customers are affected?

These issues may affect customers who utilize TIBCO Runtime Agent for domain administrator credentials. The specific impact, solution and mitigation possibilities are detailed in individual FAQs below.

Where can I get software updates?

Customers with current maintenance can obtain product updates at http://download.tibco.com.

How will customers who receive TIBCO software via OEM partners be affected?

Customers of OEM partners can receive new versions and bundles from their OEM partners. Please contact your OEM partner for updates.

Can I get the software update if I am not current on maintenance? What if I don’t have access to the download site or to TIBCO Support?

Please contact TIBCO Support by telephone. Please reference SR_ID:1-AGVV71 in your communication to indicate the context of your request.

What is TIBCO doing to prevent future security issues?

TIBCO takes security very seriously. We perform rigorous testing for every product release, as well as code audits, structured walkthroughs and peer reviews. TIBCO has identified security vulnerabilities in products during internal testing and reviews and corrected them prior to release. TIBCO constantly evaluates and augments its security measures and will continue to do so.

Where can I get more information?

Product advisories can be accessed from http:/services/support/advisories

Customers with a current maintenance contract with TIBCO can log a service request with TIBCO Global Support (please refer to SR_ID:1-AGVV71) and then call your support telephone number. Maintenance customers can also view product-specific Late Breaking News (LBN1-AGVV8E) through the TIBCO Support Web.

TIBCO Runtime Agent FAQ

Which versions of TIBCO Runtime Agent are affected?

All versions prior to 5.6.2.

Which components are affected?

The TIBCO Runtime Agent domain utilities (domainutility and domainutilitycmd) and the domain properties files that they create (AdministrationDomain.properties and AuthorizationDomain.properties).

What is updated by the new version of TIBCO Runtime Agent?

TIBCO Runtime Agent 5.6.2 installs new versions of domainutility and domainutilitycmd, and updates several other components. Please see the product release notes for details.

How should customers handle this issue?

Affected customers should update to the latest version of TIBCO Runtime Agent (5.6.2), available at http://download.tibco.com to customers with current maintenance for the product.

The TIBCO Runtime Agent's new domain utilities will correctly protect the properties files (and thus the domain administrator credentials) of any newly created domains.

Customers must manually update any existing domains by removing general read access to the properties files. A full description of this process and a sample script can be found in the product release notes.

What if I cannot update TIBCO Runtime Agent at this time?

Customers not able to update TIBCO Runtime Agent at this time can secure their domain administrator credentials by manually protecting the specified properties files of any existing domains, as well as any newly created domains.

Which TIBCO products utilize TIBCO Runtime Agent?

Products that include TIBCO Runtime Agent with their download include:

  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapter for Database
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapter for Files (Unix/Win)
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapter for Kenan/BP
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapter for Lotus Notes
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapter for PeopleSoft
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapter for SAP
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapter for Tuxedo
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapter for WebSphere MQ
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™
  • TIBCO® Adapter for CICS
  • TIBCO® Adapter for Clarify
  • TIBCO® Adapter for COM
  • TIBCO® Adapter for CORBA
  • TIBCO® Adapter for EJB
  • TIBCO® Adapter for IBM AS/400
  • TIBCO® Adapter for Infranet
  • TIBCO® Adapter for JDE OneWorld Xe
  • TIBCO® Adapter for LDAP
  • TIBCO® Adapter for MQSeries
  • TIBCO® Adapter for Oracle Applications
  • TIBCO® Adapter for Remedy
  • TIBCO® Adapter for Siebel
  • TIBCO® Adapter for SWIFT
  • TIBCO® Adapter for Teradata
  • TIBCO® Adapter SDK
  • TIBCO BusinessConnect™
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents™ Analytics Bundle
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents™ Enterprise Edition
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents™ Inference Edition
  • TIBCO BusinessFactor®
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks™ SmartMapper Enterprise Server
  • TIBCO Hawk®
  • TIBCO iProcess™ Insight
  • TIBCO® Managed File Transfer Server
  • TIBCO PortalBuilder®
  • TIBCO RFID Interchange™


Why hasn't TIBCO Runtime Agent been updated for TIBCO Enterprise Management Advisor™?

Enterprise Management Advisor™ is based on an earlier version (5.3.0) of TIBCO Runtime Agent, and is not compatible with TIBCO Runtime Agent 5.6.2.

How should Enterprise Management Advisor customers handle this issue?

Customers can secure their domain administrator credentials by manually protecting the specified properties files of any existing domains, as well as any newly created domains.