Do you want to get more out of your TIBCO Spotfire license?

Look no further than a customized set of emails that allow you to learn the basics of TIBCO Spotfire® software and build your skills over time. The emails feature initial orientation, product set-up, helpful resources, progressive skill development, and visibility into the TIBCO community. They are designed to help you get up and running in a logical and paced manner.

When you sign up for this email series, you will get access to resources for:

  • New customer orientation
  • Quick start product overview videos 
  • How to access and read your data
  • Building and utilizing dashboards
  • Our customer success center 
  • Monthly Dr. Jasper Office Hours program 
  • The Spotfire® mobile app for analysis on the go 
  • Dashboard performance and maintenance 
  • Anomaly and outlier detection
  • Leveraging Spotfire analytics from us and your peers
  • Taking your dashboards to the next level 
  • Joining the TIBCO League
  • Attending meetups and workshops
  • Exploring other TIBCO products 

Don’t wait, sign up for this email series today to get the most out of your Spotfire license!