Creating safe, well understood communities

TIBCO Law Enforcement solutions enable agencies to unlock the potential of real-time data to make faster, better decisions. Real-time access to data and analytics in a unified and easy-to-understand view, improves situational awareness, removes complexity, and supports oversight and transparency across commands and the citizens they serve. The TIBCO platform provides connectivity to disparate systems to help operationalize law enforcement. Along with actionable intelligence for greater officer safety, strategic deployment of resources, more efficient crime clearance, and community support and engagement, TIBCO enables law enforcement agencies to create safe, well understood communities.

Connected Intelligence

for Law Enforcement

  • Metrics Reporting and Trend Analysis (Snapshot)
  • Federated Search (Trace)
  • IoT integration and predictive policing (Siren)
  • Transparency in Policing & Officer Wellness
  • Situational Awareness & Emergency Preparedness
  • License plate recognition (LPR) integration, object recognition, video analytics
Metrics Reporting and Trend Analysis (Snapshot)

The Snapshot feature integrates disparate law enforcement systems and automates reporting, trend analysis, COMPSTAT, DDACTS, and much more. This unified picture helps you immediately understand what's happening across the area of responsibility. You get accurate & timely analytics up the chain of command for UCR, FBI, State agency, NHSTA, and more.

Federated Search (Trace)

Powerful Trace federated search capabilities let users create reports based on disparate systems like records & jail management systems, automated license plate readers, and warrant databases. It gives users access to primary unstructured documents such as geospatial views, suspect images, and data enhancement protocols. Officers & investigators can move faster and gather more information.

IoT integration and predictive policing (Siren)

Through integration of data sources, camera feeds, priority calls for service, critical infrastructure mapping, IoT, and wearables, Siren supplies a real-time operating picture. Use it to enhance mission readiness and threat awareness and improve officer safety, critical response, and predictive/proactive analysis.

Transparency in Policing & Officer Wellness

Public-facing dashboards provide a missing feedback loop, letting you receive anonymous tips and distribute press releases and information on cold cases and most wanted fugitives. The platform also provides officer wellness analytics allowing command to identify those who have attended a high volume of intense or traumatic calls so they can be offered support and wellness services.

Situational Awareness & Emergency Preparedness

Our situational awareness solution brings the data necessary to understand constantly changing environments so you can efficiently respond. Emergency managers gain insights for faster deployment of resources and real-time monitoring of events.

License plate recognition (LPR) integration, object recognition, video analytics

TIBCO supports the agnostic integration of any video, license plate reader (LPR), or law enforcement IoT device. With over 300,000 LPRs, the TIBCO Law Enforcement platform is what you need for national and international drug enforcement and public safety.