Deliver high-performance data analytics at scale

Data volumes are increasing, and your organization needs solutions that will fuel your digital transformation.


Even for some of the world's largest datasets, the combined power of TIBCO and Snowflake empowers advanced analytics at scale without performance degradation. It can drive more efficient decision-making and help you achieve valuable insights like never before.

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Snowflake Data Cloud and TIBCO Solutions

  • Advanced Analytics at Scale
  • Real-time Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Data Migration
  • Enhanced Security & Governance
  • Modern DSML Transformation
Advanced Analytics at Scale

Generate insights from cloud-native data stores as fast and as easily as in-database or in-memory queries.


TIBCO's native Snowflake connector enables scaling analytics workloads. Deploy advanced analytics for more business analysts and data engineers and significantly impact both operations.

Real-time Business Intelligence

With real-time updates to the Snowflake Data Cloud, you ensure analytics and reporting tools are always using the latest data to enable better decision-making.

Cloud Data Migration

Control and easily migrate data from legacy systems to the cloud, minimizing downtime and avoiding interruption of day-to-day business operations.

Enhanced Security & Governance

Strengthen your data security and governance with improved data visibility and robust authentication supported by TIBCO.

Modern DSML Transformation

Create data science/machine learning (DSML) models or import models from R or Python. Enable users to run models against Snowflake data and visualize results.