Cash Flow Matters Most

Easily turn profit and loss data into a cash flow forecasting and management dashboard

It's a P&L dashboard that helps you answer your most pressing questions: How can you prevent running out of cash? Plan for financial survivability in a down market? And respond to a changing sales forecast with the right cost adjustments?


Stop Cash Flow Surprises

Your financial data tells a story about the health of your business, and the TIBCO Spotfire® solution can tell that story clearer and faster. In depressed or volatile markets, it’s easy to be surprised by a cash flow challenge. TIBCO helps small and midsize businesses better manage financial risk during challenging times by providing an easy to use cash flow projection solution.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Build a cash flow forecasting dashboard that goes beyond visuals to spark meaningful insights. Learn how Spotfire® software helps small and mid-sized companies around the world operate more efficiently and reduce risk. Connect with one of our account executives today to learn more.

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Powerful insights made easy

Powerful insights made easy

Understand the impact of delayed cash collections. Predict where cost reductions should be made. Produce cash flow overviews without an accountant.

Calculate "what if" scenarios fast

Calculate "what if" scenarios fast

Compare, define, and store various "what if" scenarios for cash flow: best case, realistic, and worst case. Make proactive decisions in changing environments.

See impact in real time

See impact in real time

Dynamically calculate impacts to your bottom line by adjusting variable business factors such as taxes, benefits, overhead, profit, standard hours, wages, etc.

Be Proactive in your Business Planning

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