Accelerate technology adoption and create memorable customer experiences

A banking data privacy revolution, growing customer expectations, new IT modernization requirements, increasing cybersecurity threats, and intense competition are pushing banks to an inflection point. Those that are slow to change will be left behind—and those that quickly transform to digital operations and embrace data-driven open banking solutions and partnerships will create customer-first digital experiences that keep customers coming back.

TIBCO Open Banking Solutions

An API-powered business ecosystem enables banks to connect seamlessly to any application, device, or data source; to unify and govern customer data; and to predict outcomes with real-time intelligence.

Open Banking Transformation

Bankable Opportunities

  • Make It a Digital Experience
  • Reimagine Banking Services
  • Ensure Operational Compliance
  • Constantly Improve
Make It a Digital Experience
Enhanced Customer Experience

Commerce has moved to digital marketplaces fueled by the API Economy and customers' growing expectations for frictionless experiences. Meet customers where they are with your valuable data and a digital marketplace made possible by APIs that connect to innovative partner products and services. Increase your reach and market share as a new modern enterprise.

Reimagine Banking Services
Improved Interoperability

Connecting databases, functions, and legacy service endpoints is paramount for successful app and platform performance and future innovation. Use API-led integration and data virtualization to consolidate data from multiple sources and ensure its accuracy and accessibility. Innovate around disruption with data.

Ensure Operational Compliance
Improved Data Security

Customers trust you to ensure their data is accessible and secure across the entire banking ecosystem. Any breach of trust can be catastrophic. Safeguard their data with iron-clad enforcement of data access and privacy rules, that under your stewardship, extend to trusted recipients.

Constantly Improve
Increased Personalization

Customer preferences and expectations change quickly as banking services crop up in non-traditional places. Deliver immersive, smart, and real-time customer experiences that reduce friction and seamlessly connect customers to new and innovative services through other banks and third-party partners.

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Delivering Next Generation Customer Experience Within an Open Banking Ecosystem