Manufacturing Process Control

Continuously improve manufacturing process control with real-time insights, predictive and prescriptive capabilities

Modern manufacturing operations are highly complex and require continuous monitoring and optimization. Manufacturing process control includes all of the individual systems that control production. Industrial control systems control in-flight processes within precise limits and are responsible for delivering efficient, productive, reliable, and safe operations. But they are often not integrated, which expose manufacturing processes, operations, and production to risk.

The Digital Factory is transforming manufacturing process control by powering new capabilities for integrating and processing IIoT and sensor data, along with big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud, streaming, and edge technologies. These capabilities are facilitating an evolution from reactive problem solving towards increasingly proactive, predictive, and adaptive management of processes, equipment, product, and factories to find new or expanded revenue streams, reduce operating costs, evolve strategic capabilities, and reduce risk.

Manufacturing Process Control Diagram

Manufacturing Process Control Diagram

Manufacturing Process Control
Harness the Complexity and Power of your Data to make Better Operational Decisions

Harness the Complexity and Power of your Data to make Better Operational Decisions

TIBCO delivers AI-infused process control methodologies and digital twin capabilities to help global manufacturers deliver safe, efficient, cost-effective production. Proactive intelligence helps detect early warning signs of abnormal events, automatically intervene if needed, and manage outcomes in real-time.

TIBCO's Process Control Solution

  • Helps deliver fit-for-purpose processes that support product quality and uniformity
  • Reduces process safety and MAH (major accident hazard) exposure, near-misses, and health, safety, environment (HSE) risk to people
  • Supports asset integrity
  • Improves ESG and sustainability reporting, decreases waste, emissions, water & energy usage
  • Maximizes profit and efficiency while reducing working capital
  • Increases productivity and reduces cycle time
  • Identifies best configuration parameters of machinery/equipment
  • Improves reliability and process capability (CPK)
  • Delivers predefined data models to build a single source of truth

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Rather than siloed systems that do not connect and leverage key data sources to address end-to-end enterprise touchpoints or reacting to problems after they have significantly impacted the quality of processes and products, TIBCO's Connected Intelligence platform connects any application or data source, unifies data for greater access, trust, and control, and predicts outcomes in real time and at scale.

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