Unleash the power of IoT and Industry 4.0

The modern factory is more digital, automated, and connected.


TIBCO provides the manufacturing intelligence necessary for the modern digital factory, enabling an automated and connected ecosystem. Our Connected Intelligence platform seamlessly connects data across processes, equipment, and IIoT devices intelligently unifies data for greater access and control and confidently predicts the future to reduce costs, improve operations, and increase profitability.


To meet these challenges and stay ahead of the pack, manufacturers need to evolve from reactive to proactive management of machines, processes, products, and factories.

The Digital Factory

The Digital Factory Explainer Video
Digital Factory Explainer Video

In this 2-minute video, learn how TIBCO has prepared manufacturing customers for growth and change in the industry.

Connected Intelligence

For Manufacturing

  • Connected Factory
  • Product Quality
  • Process Optimization
  • Asset Performance
  • Resilient Supply Chain
Connected Factory
Increase Productivity

For a 360° view of factory operations, connect and integrate data from machines, systems, process historians, and operational data stores. With hundreds of protocols, connecting and unifying data across these "things" can be daunting. But with cloud, integration, data, and analytics, you can easily connect, integrate, and unify your data to gain a bird's eye view across global operations.

Product Quality
Reduce Defects

For global value chains, QMS and SPC are not enough. Combine historical and real-time data from systems and suppliers, then create AI models to detect and prevent quality issues before they occur. With IoT, integration, data unification, and ML, automate root-cause analysis, detect & classify defects, react in real time to proactive alerts, and dynamically learn to improve quality and reliability.

Cosentino Finds a Solid Foundation for Digital Transformation
Maximize Efficiency

Reducing process variability has always been critical for manufacturing; but, doing this in real time is challenging. Maximize the value of streaming data with real-time monitoring. Reduce variability of your most complex processes with anomaly detection, univariate and multivariate SPC, and AI. Avoid rework and proactively respond to dynamic conditions with AI-infused process control methodologies.

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Scheduled maintenance for instrumented assets, digital twins, and the IIoT can be costly. By continuously analyzing equipment and IoT sensor data, you can gain real-time awareness. Streaming and edge analytics, dynamic learning, and ML algorithms can ferret out key relationships and anomalies and predict future states before problems occur. Use predictive maintenance to maximize productivity.

Minimize disruptions

With recent supply chain disruptions, building resiliency tops many agendas. Real-time intelligence allows organizations to proactively respond to customer & supplier changes. By unifying data across the value chain and eliminating data silos, you can create a smart inventory, sense & respond to demand in real time, monitor supplier performance, and optimize transport and logistics.

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