TIBCO Solutions

Integration in Oil and Gas

TIBCO integration handles real-time data preparation and transformation across multiple sources, creates workflows that orchestrate service calls, and exposes APIs, all while running within a fully managed environment. These capabilities create a digital nervous system across field equipment and staff, providing notifications and alerts to the appropriate engineers so they can maintain oil and gas production. Add low-code, easily customized TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps to build limitless applications for even more agility and innovation.

Industry 4.0

Industrial revolutions are epic moments and great opportunities to invest in new technologies and change the way business is done. The fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, is now underway, characterized by an unprecedented convergence of people, systems, and devices that’s changing business models and creating new revenue opportunities; by applying streaming analytics on all big data sources to identify important moments and enable real-time action; and by interconnected devices that exchange of information to provide new capabilities and compelling customer experiences.

Algorithmic Insurance

The Insurance industry is turning to analytics to create Algorithmic Insurance as a competitive advantage. With new technologies, business models, and competitors entering the insurance industry at an increasing rate, to attract and retain the most valuable customers, you must innovate and accelerate decisions and operations. Instead of canned “black box” applications, building your IP into algorithms on a platform that business users can use changes the game.